Spiritual Intuitive Reading

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  The Spiritual Intuitive Reading includes a 60-minute session using a combination of Scripture Cards and Animal Cards, along with other items that may be needed.  I encourage clients to write questions that they’d like for us to discuss and see what spiritual insights we can gain. Prior to the reading, I recommend having a time of prayer and meditation, asking God and the Spirit World to guide our time together.  Please email me for date and time prior to purchasing this service.


Personal Growth & Spiritual Life Coach (4-week course)

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  Personal Growth and Spiritual Life Coaching is a four-week program (one hour / week) that allows us to delve deeper than we can during the Spiritual Intuitive Reading session. We will focus on the client’s purpose of living and gain insight on how to achieve inner peace in a tumultuous environment. While there are specific topics we will explore, there will also be time for clients to seek answers to questions that are troubling them. There will be outside assignments for the clients to complete. Once you have purchased this service, we will choose dates and times that will be convenient for both of us.


One Hour to Inner Peace

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Spiritual growth is an important element​ in each person's life. Without spirituality, we are incomplete. This book enables a person to grow spiritually by taking time each day to meditate. The techniques used in this book are proven methods of spiritual growth and inner peace.    


Faith Over Fear Coffee Cup

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As you drink from this 11 oz traditional ceramic coffee mug, you will be encouraged to allow your faith to overcome your fears. 


Tumbler / Travel Mug

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Take your testimony with you as you carry this 16 oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug wherever you go, reminding you that faith conquers fear.


Bumper Sticker / Decal

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Share your philosophy of Faith Over Fear while driving or parked. You will receive a bumper sticker (3" X 10") and a decal (3" X 5").